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Will Be Attending


Cordially Invited Events will meet with the clients and design the perfect event, large or small from start to finish.

Package Starts at $350.

Theme Development


We take what we have learned about the event and the guest of honor and help develop great themes for the event that will stand out and make the event a success.


In order for the event to have the perfect theme, Cordially Invited Events will customize a theme that will be unique from any others or take an idea of a clients and run with it.

Day of the Event


When the event is all planned out, Cordially Invited Events can take your details and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will allow for family and friends who have helped plan the event, enjoy the event.


We will coordinate vendors, assist with problem solving. Ensure the event goes smoothly and on time. Cordially Invited Events will assist with decorating and clean-up.

Everything in Between


Cordially Invited Events can meet with vendors, shop for decorations, print invitations, communicate between to guests desired information.


We will handle the smallest details, so you won't have to.

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